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Bungee Trampolines

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Bungee Trampoline Hire Overview

Bungee trampoline hire is a popular choice for various events, offering an engaging and thrilling activity suitable for all ages. Event organisers can rely on bungee trampolines for not only a unique attraction but also a safe and controlled environment for participants.

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What Is Bungee Trampoline Hire?

Bungee trampoline hire involves renting a bungee trampoline setup for events. These setups typically include a trampoline, harnesses, and bungee cords that allow participants to jump higher than usual.

This activity can be set up for both indoor and outdoor events in , and the installation is often quick and efficient. The equipment is usually provided by companies specialising in funfair rides and outdoor activities, ensuring it meets safety standards. These professionals also offer the necessary staff to man the equipment, enhancing both safety and convenience for event organisers.

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Benefits of Bungee Trampolines for Events

Bungee trampolines add excitement and a unique appeal to any event. They are particularly popular at family fun days, fairs, and corporate events. One major benefit is that they cater to a wide age range, making them suitable for children and adults alike.

Additionally, they are visually attractive, often drawing large crowds. The activity provides a controlled environment which ensures the safety of participants.

Hiring bungee trampolines also often comes with full insurance and trained staff, which can ease the concerns of event organisers regarding liability and operational issues. Event organisers can also customise the trampolines with branding, enhancing marketing efforts and visibility.

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Organising Your Event

Selecting the right location, ensuring safety and compliance, and understanding the booking process are crucial steps to effectively manage your bungee trampoline hire event. This section provides specific details about each of these important considerations.

Selecting the Right Location

Choosing the appropriate location can influence the success of your event. Whether it's an outdoor or indoor venue, ensure there is sufficient space. Trailer-mounted bungee trampolines typically need a setup area of 9m x 9m.

Access to the setup location must be at least 2.4m wide to accommodate the equipment. Hard surfaces such as tarmac or concrete are ideal. If using grass, ensure it is even and firm to avoid instability. Some companies, such as this one, provide detailed setup requirements to help you plan.

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Safety and Compliance

Safety and compliance are paramount when hiring bungee trampolines. Ensure the provider has public liability insurance and conducts thorough risk assessments. Method statements detailing every step of the setup and operation process should be reviewed. This applies to all locations, including .

Staff overseeing the trampolines must be trained and experienced. Regular equipment inspections are essential to prevent accidents. Confirm that harnesses and elastic ropes meet safety standards. Understanding these safety measures helps create a secure environment for adults and children alike.

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Booking Process and Price Considerations

The booking process should be straightforward. Start by contacting the events team to discuss your needs. For instance, this company offers bungee trampolines for various events, from family fun days to corporate functions.

Prices vary based on the event's duration, location, and customisation options. Request a no-obligation quote to understand the costs involved.

Consider the number of trampolines needed and additional features like branding. Availability may differ in cities such as, so booking early can secure your preferred date and ensure a smooth event setup.

Operational Aspects of Bungee Trampolines

Successful operation of bungee trampolines involves careful procedures for setting up and dismantling, alongside efficient management of staff and equipment. Safety and precision are paramount throughout the process.

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Setting Up and Dismantling Procedures

The set up of a bungee trampoline begins with selecting a suitable location that provides enough space for the equipment and safety fencing. It is crucial to ensure a flat surface for stability. The trampoline must be securely anchored to the ground to prevent movement during use.

After positioning the trampoline, the bungee ropes and harnesses are attached. The harness should be checked for wear and tear and correctly fitted to each participant. Elastic ropes need regular inspection to maintain their elasticity and strength.

Power sources, such as generators, are utilised to provide the necessary power for any mechanical components. Clear guidelines are followed to adhere to ADIPS standards. Once operational hours are complete, the trampoline is carefully dismantled in reverse order, ensuring all parts are safely stored and inspected for damage.

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Staffing and Equipment Management

Qualified and trained staff are essential for smooth bungee trampoline operations. Each trampoline typically requires at least one attendant to manage the queue and supervise the jumps. This staff member is responsible for fitting the safety harness and ensuring the participant stays within the weight limit.

Equipment management includes regular maintenance checks on the bungee ropes, trampolines, and safety fencing. The staff must record these checks to guarantee consistent safety standards. During events, attendants should monitor the equipment continually, addressing any issues promptly.

Efficient communication among staff ensures the timely replacement of any components that show wear. Properly maintained equipment and vigilant staff contribute to a seamless and safe bungee trampoline experience.

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